Dry walls – healthy house with infrared!

Quality “Made in Germany“, developed and manufactured by IBT.InfraBioTech GmbH

Drying technology at its finest – for companies and house owners.

Infrared wall dryer (IWT):

  • for desiccation of moistly and wet walls as well as floors
  • reduction of thermal losses
  • time saving
       - two to five times faster than conventional methods
  • quality improving
       - good drying of sensitive basic fabrics
       - profound, even at wall thicknesses up to 1m
  • mould combatting
       - destroying mould
       - preventing resettlements
  • saving energy costs
       - only one third of the energy consumption as with conventional
         methods is needed
  • easy to handle!
       - domestic power point is enough
       - maintenance-free
       - soundless working
       - personal safety assured by local controllers PRCD-S for every building sites,
         according to federal law and labour protection law
  • Successfully in action since 2002

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